Fury (Demo)

by Tremors

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rough versions


released April 8, 2015

recorded by cam gz



all rights reserved


Tremors San Jose, California

couple of dudes from san jose jammin some tunes. check us out, if you dig us come kick it with us at one of our shows.

Twitter & IG: @tremorsca

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Track Name: Empty Chest
Are you happy with the fucking person you've become
I watched you crush these motherfucking promises
Satisfaction to the misery that you caused
I can't believe I let you in once again
The village idiot is what you've set to make me
How does it fucking feel knowing what you fabricated
Play the victim as always
That's your specialty

I will not fight this war or give into temptation
It's time to squash this shit and remove the infection
One day I'll let this go, then destroy this creation
We'll see whose fucking laughing once the storm has passed

No more fucking pain
Watch as your memory
Burns to the ground
Your days are fucking through
I'll give you a little push to jump from the cliff

This is my glory day
The witch dies by my hands

Worthless is all you are
How does it fucking feel
Your games still don't faze me
Get caught slippin
Feel your throat getting slit

Track Name: Cop Stomp
Protect and serve, murders and liars
You take pride with lives that you have taken
The only thing protecting you is your fucking badge
Cowards like you will burn no sympathy
Meet the creatures you've created
We'll paint the walls red with your motherfucking blood
Your days of glory are now through
Take these bullets back
No more broken homes
Justice will be served
Rip your spine out from your mouth
Soak up the pain that you have caused
How does it feel knowing, you have killed
It's time we take a stab (2x)