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released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Tremors San Jose, California

couple of dudes from san jose jammin some tunes. check us out, if you dig us come kick it with us at one of our shows.

Twitter & IG: @tremorsca

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Track Name: No Mercy
well welcome to the world where you have created all pain
theres no one here to save you
you have fucked yourself
this was the choice i gave you then you threw it away
its time you see the beast you have created
feel the cold metal barrel as i squeeze the trigger(end your life)
you'll see what hatred feels like
stupid bitch
you will not be forgived
you fucking piece of shit
(i hate you)
Track Name: Expose
everything's been destroyed
torn to pieces
what is left
manipulated, you fucking kid
waste of time
fucking fake
2 faced snake
secrets out
forsaken you
torn to pieces
what is left
fucking kid
can't i shattered myself again

kept on fighting
its not worth it

point your fingers at me
that's all you seem to ever do
sorry misses perfect
that lame ass game don't work here
its time i put my foot down
my turn to fucking talk
no one is perfect here
everyone has made mistakes

heartless acts
i had no part of that
keep telling your bullshit story
listen to your pathetic role models
turned your back on your only family
fell back to the one's that stabbed you
one day it'll hit you
the whisper inside your ear is your enemy

i'll rip your brain out
project the images
expose the hypocrite
Track Name: Long Road
after everything i've built from the floor
all the hard work got me here
stupid feelings regretful acts
the devil stabs everyone in the back
father remove me from this time frame
save me from this nightmare (this nightmare)
it's time the beast unleashes hell upon you
now you will feel the wrath
you can't even stand to see my success
realize you've opened the door to madness
and awakened the demons

you little fucking shit
ill show you the true pain
make you regret everything you ever put me through
now you'll see the other me
the one i've kept away
it's time you see what misery is

tell your lies
spread your legs
the cunt is now dead
i hate you
can't you see

this is more than a mission
it's everything i wan't to do
to hear your bones cracking
to the point where you can't scream
Track Name: Revenge
look at me in my eyes
there will be punishment for your kind
your fucking people grasped inside
shoot to kill
that's what's buried in my mind
stomp your faces in the ground
the pavement will show you
the true meaning of pain
that's what fuels me
i can't stand the fucking look of your face
corrupted mind of mine
hands around your throat the anger only increases
look what you made me do
don't run don't scream you deserve all this
watch me end your worthless life
you fucking pig let the evil destroy you
accept what you've been given fucking snake

you stupid fuck
you've fucked up now and you have unleashed the beast
you opened up the creature that's been hiding within
i will take all this shit and rub it in your face
make your regret all the words that you engraved

i hate all of your kind
i hope there's none left
i'm not stupid
i know what you did
and all the things you said
give me a face
do what you will
walk away, step off
you fucking pig die fuck
walk away step off

i can't fucking breathe
i just want you to fucking die you piece of shit
Track Name: Inhumane Acts Of Violence
i've been stuck inside this hole for far to long
wreak havoc on your heartless corpse
watch my hands rip your soul to pieces
accept your destiny
this knife in my back is way to deep
these wounds are never healing your the one to blame

an enemy
is what you are now
scum disgusting
your forever in my mind
cut you out
that is the mission
burn your memory to ashes

crush your heart

listen to the whisper inside your ear
witness your life come crashing down
all you are is a puppet
told me you should have known better
shut your mouth
i should have known from the start
early warning signs i ignored
your just like your breeders
the only family you have is destroying you