by Tremors

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I want to feel your bones poke through your skin
Eternal suffering to you is my darkest sin
It's my fault for mistaking your kind as friends
A fucking snake that's what you are

Allow me to reopen these scars
Take a look at your creative art
A fucking masterpiece is what you've done
Let me guide your brain to the gun

To crush your spirit is my goal
No satisfaction till I own your soul
Move your eyes look to the sky
God will never hear your cries

I've been sent from a evil world
To hang your body from a noose and watch it swirl
Before your last breathe hear the laughter
You won't be missed die slow mother fucked

Vas a morir y nadie le importá
No eres mas que un pedazo de mierda

That's right your numbers up
To me you're just plastic I don't give a fuck
It's time you see what you've caused me
Crush your heart slit your throat and watch you bleed
Anyone around you is along for the ride
I'll take your family you'll watch them die
You've crossed the path of a mad man

Understand you've released pure evil
I've scheduled you a date with the devil
Escort you to the guillotine
I'll be the last thing you ever see
I'll drag you down to this hell you've created
Pull the rope let it drop

You're nothing but a piece of shit
Nothing but plastic
You're nothing but plastic
You're just a fucking mannequin


released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Tremors San Jose, California

couple of dudes from san jose jammin some tunes. check us out, if you dig us come kick it with us at one of our shows.

Twitter & IG: @tremorsca

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